Agricultural Bearing, Square Hole Bearing and Non-spherical Bearing

Agricultural Bearing, Square Hole Bearing and Non-spherical Bearing

Ningbo ISUTAMI bearing CO., LTD. Has accumulated decades of professional bearing production experience, with independent research and development, production and management capacity. It has a group of excellent personnel with high quality awareness and technical level, complete production equipment, perfect quality testing means, mature manufacturing technology, strict production process management and all-round after-sales service.

The main types of bearings provided by our factory are: spherical bearings, non-standard special-shaped spherical bearings, hex bore agricultural bearings, high-temperature spherical bearings, square hole spherical bearings, spherical bearings with seat.

Bearing models: uc201-220 90500, uc305-330 (90600), sa201-212 (390200), sb201-212 (90200), uk204-218 (190500), uk305-318, na204-215 (390500), na305-315 (390500) UCS series bearing. The above outer spherical bearings can be mounted on the following series of bearings: P, F, FL, TC, FC, PA, HA, PH, FB, LF. Stamping base: PP, PFL, PF, PFT. Our factory main products set-contained spherical bearing because of its compact structure, automatic self-aligning and good sealing performance, easy installation, the price is reasonable and is widely used in agricultural machinery, chemical machinery, metallurgical mining machinery, construction machinery, light industry machinery, road, building materials, food, packaging, textiles, transportation, printing, ceramics machinery, etc.
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