Basic Knowledge of POM, PP, PE and Other Plastic Mounted Bearings

Basic Knowledge of POM, PP, PE and Other Plastic Mounted Bearings

Speaking of plastic mounted bearings we all know that the current use of plastic mounted bearings can generally be divided into plastic rolling bearings and plastic sliding bearings.

In recent years, engineering plastics have been widely used for its excellent properties. Engineering plastics have a broad application prospect in bearings. Plastic mounted bearings are being welcomed by more and more users. Therefore, understanding the working principle, characteristics and main USES of plastic bearings has become a required course for many materials

The working principle

The working principle of plastic rolling bearing and plastic sliding bearing can be distinguished by the name. The friction of plastic rolling bearing is rolling friction, while the friction of plastic sliding bearing is sliding friction. The size of rolling friction mainly depends on the manufacturing precision, and the size of plastic sliding bearing friction mainly depends on the material of the bearing sliding surface.

POM plastic mounted bearing, PA plastic mounted bearing

POM and PA material with good mechanical strength and wear resistance, suitable for making more precise plastic mounted bearings, working temperature from 100 ℃ to 60 ℃ ~, high strength and smooth surface, basically there will be no tension, its good self-lubricating properties and friction coefficient, on the basis of traditional advantage in keeping the plastic bearing, can be applied to precision and high speed running.


1. High rigidity, high hardness, even at low temperature, high impact strength;
2. Excellent elasticity and good creep resistance;
3. High heat resistance and excellent dimensional stability;
4. Good sliding performance and wear resistance;
5. Physiological inertia, suitable for contact with food;
6. Not resistant to strong acid and strong oxidant, poor adhesion of paint

The main purpose

Electromechanical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decoration materials
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