Basic Knowledge of POM, PP, PE, And Plastiv Mounted Bearings

Basic Knowledge of POM, PP, PE, And Plastiv Mounted Bearings

PTFE high temperature and corrosion resistant plastic mounted bearing

As a new engineering plastics materials, PTFE and PI was proved to be all known engineering plastics dimension stability and mechanical strength high temperature resistant performance is good, including PTFE long using temperature is 260 ℃.

PI, long-term use of temperature is as high as 300 ℃, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, the moderate intensity of acid and alkali corrosion environment can still function properly, so generally used to make need outer ring PTFE material selection or PI, ball is commonly Zro2 or Si3N4 ceramic ball. The disadvantage of precision bearing in harsh environment is that the material itself is expensive, so the cost is higher.

At present, the development of plastic mounted bearing abroad is very fast, the application range is wider. But the plastic mounted bearing in our country is still in the beginning stage, in the raw material production, the product application aspect is quite deficient. According to incomplete statistics, in recent five years, domestic general PC, POM, PA, thermoplastic resin, modified polyphyly ether and other five engineering plastics and market demand has maintained a rapid growth of 30.3%, and China's plastic bearing engineering plastics mainly rely on imports.


In recent years, engineering plastics have been widely used for its excellent properties. Engineering plastics have a broad application prospect in bearings. plastic mounted bearing are being welcomed by more and more users. Because engineering plastics have excellent self-lubrication, wear-resisting, low friction and special anti-occlusal properties, they can work normally even under bad lubrication conditions, so they are ideal for bearing materials. Therefore, for the relevant plastic enterprises, seize the market opportunity, the development of related plastic mounted bearing products, its market prospect is very huge.
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