Creativity, A Motive Power In The Industry

Creativity, A Motive Power In The Industry

Currently, Chinese machine tool foundry industry has stepped into a crucial period and also regarded as quantitative change qualitative change. The key role place in this kind of changing is the power of creativity which is a heart part in the modern industry.

Experts in the industry point out that equipment manufacturing industry is a field influenced much obviously by the current economic situation in the world. The date from the government showed that equipment manufacturing industry grew much lower than the other industry and creativity is the cause which leads to less orders, lower export growth and tiny enterprises share.

The changing market still give china some chances to improve its strength, like catching the chance to improve the scientific and technological level, finding and training professional. Benefit from that changing, china has achieved some great breakthroughs and made a ascending output, though the market situation is not so bright and mushroomed last year.  

Progresses we made, defects we have. People in china encouraged and even shocked by the progress made by enterprises in china, but they know deeply that this was just an achievement made by scale not in other fields and some other problems still need to be solved, such as the lower technological level in casting machine. Only can we break the choke point, we would make much more substantial breakthroughs in the market and achieve speedy development in the industry. 

In a word, machine tool foundry industry in china is living in an changing and special environment which need more support from the government and enterprises themselves. Creativity, an eternal crucial element places in the modern world.
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