Internet Of Things In Bearing Industry

Internet Of Things In Bearing Industry

As the crucial essential components in the equipment manufacturing, bearings pose a vital impact on the function, quality and reliability of the major equipment and products so that they are regarded as the heart parts of the machines. After many years of development, bearing industry has formed a considerable scale in China and the annual output value in 2010 was nearly 130 billion which ranked the third in the world.

Though they are the tiny parts of the machines, we shall not ignore their effect on the function on the machinery. As Archimedes, a famous physical scientist in ancient Greece, put it, give me a fulcrum, I will move the world. No bearings functioned in the machine; there would be no function of the machinery. These years, the bearing industry has achieved much development by taking some measures, like upgrading professional technology, improving capability of independent innovation.

Once E-commerce came in an eagerly expectation but disappointed in a sudden cool. The disappointing cooling made people worry about the future of the E-commence. Would it be a flash in the pan? In order to develop a bright future for the business chance, enterprises in Zhejiang decided to create domestic Internet of Things to give answers to the future business. The bearing industry places a vital role to brighter the business future.  

The head of internet of things in bearings is located in Zhejiang which is the industry base for E-commence. Provinces like Hangzhou, Jiaxing supported much to the E-commence than the years before. So we believe that ground on the traditional bearing industry and advantageous geographical positions, the future of internet of things in bearing industry would beyond imagination. 
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