Kinds Of Agricultural Bearing Materials

Kinds Of Agricultural Bearing Materials

Kinds Of Agricultural Bearing Materials
Agricultural bearing is the supporting structural parts of all sorts mechanical or moving machinery, widely used in agricultural vehicles, tractors, diesel engine, motor, threshing agricultural machinery, etc. Its material can be roughly divided into the following several kinds:

1. High-carbon chromium bearing steel   Countries around the world to the equivalent of the number just as the basis of bearing steel GCr15, to improve the hardenability of direction to meet the needs of the thick wall bearing parts, the mass fraction of chromium slightly adjust or constant, so as to develop a series of high carbon chromium bearing steel high hardenability. Another development of high carbon chromium bearing steel is appropriate to reduce the hardenability, medium frequency induction heating, and administered by limited hardenability and overall quenching surface hardening. It has better performance of carburizing steel carburizing and quenching, and save the cost of steel alloy carburizing steel and high carburizing heat treatment costs.So many Agricultural Bearings Suppliers will choose it to manufacture Agricultural Bearings.

2. Without chromium bearing steel   Without chromium bearing steel is developed based on the characteristics of resources instead of chromium bearing steel new steel grade, including GSiMnV, GSiMnMoV, GSiMnMoV, GSiMnMoVR, GMnMoV, GMnMoVR six kinds of steel grade. Agricultural Bearings with these steels have good hardenability, hardenability, contact fatigue resistance and wear resistance.

3. Carbon bearing steel   The scholars think the main effect of bearing steel is to improve the hardenability of the alloy elements, high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and other main performance is a function of carbon element. Carbon steel purity can also increased significantly, as the wall thickness is not bearing using vacuum degassing of high carbon steel, its performance can meet the requirements.

4. Carburizing bearing steel    With the development of high-speed aircraft engine, the fracture toughness of the hardened steel is completely unable to meet the requirements. So the United States developed high temperature resistant carburizing bearing steel M50NiL, its fracture toughness is very good, high temperature performance of high-speed performance impact toughness wear-resistant fatigue resistance is very superior.

5. Stainless bearing steel   9Gr18 stainless steel thick carbide can be harmful, dedicated to the study abroad by reducing the carbon mass fraction to the 0.5 ~ 0.7, improve the comprehensive performance of the 9Gr18.

6. ceramic material   Si3N4 and ZrO2 are the main ceramic materials of Agricultural Bearings. It has small density, low friction factor, particularly high hardness, high temperature resistant, strong corrosion resistance, has a moderate impact resistance toughness, under the medium contact stress has the advantages of higher fatigue life, so in the high temperature, high speed, corrosive medium, strong bearing friction condition, choose ceramic material is better.
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