Magnetal Bearing Technology

Magnetal Bearing Technology

 Magnetal solutions are based on mechanisms of induction and design of virtual magnetic circuits. Our research by Dr Lembke has launched the name of "magnetic mirroring". The core of the technology is how to design so that Eddy currents are kept to a minimum. 
Magnetal Bearing Technology
Magnetal induction bearings are totally stable without any control electronics thanks to stabilizing eddy currents induced by permanent magnets. This effect is normally referred to as the electrodynamic repulsion principle.
Magnetal Bearing Technology
When an electrically conducting material is moving in a magnetic field - a current will be generated in the material - that counter the change in the magnetic field (known as Lentz' Law). This generates a current - that is pointing out of the picture - and this will result in a magnetic field that is oriented opposite to the one from the magnet. The electrically conducting material is thus acting as a magnetic mirror.
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