Small Bearings Occupy Large Market

Small Bearings Occupy Large Market

It is well-known that the auto bearings are the core parts of the automobile. They are closely related to the reliability, safety and comfort of the automobile, though they small parts. As the experts put, small bearings have large market.

All the machines regard bearings as their key components and manufacturing bearings not only supported by some advanced subjects, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, but also served by advanced technologies, like heat treatment, measure, numerical control and powerful computer technology. Hence, they are the symbols of a countries’ technological potential which pushed all the developed countries in the world to invent and manufacture their own bearings. It is said that in the world war II, the first and vital goal for allies’ air force were the bearing enterprises in German.

Auto bearings installed in many parts of an automobile, such as driving axle, wheel hub, transmission and generator. As the key parts of driving axle and transmission, bearings bear the force of load capacity and rotation rate. Their function determines the reliability of the driving axle and transmission. It concludes that bearing preload set a key place in the function of the bearing, because the preloaded bearing affects its rigidity, precision, vibration, noise and durability.

Both preloading and manufacturing are vital to the high quality for bearings, but many enterprises have a vague sense about it, though they have invested funds, bought machines and employed workers.

With the help of digital assembly technology to preload the bearings, the Industry experts say, problems like leak, damage, noise and jamming could be solved efficiently. 
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