Warming Market Trend, Bearing Industry Benefited

Warming Market Trend, Bearing Industry Benefited

Influenced by some negative factors, such as the revaluation of the RMB, rising costs and trade barrier, ISUTAMI still achieved a high profitable point in the tough market because of the domestic economic situations in the other countries.
Otherwise, new markets development and policy support also placed an important role in creating the trading volume.

Since the beginning of the last year, not only the economic situation in the USA, but also the European Union had come into a warming trend which created some new demands for the bearings markets. Benefited from the market chances, some categories in the bearings industry has earned much more profit, though they were once suffered a loss in the last months. This is all contributed from the warming trend of the bearing market.

Though confronted with some grim situations, such as the turbulent global economic, severe market competition and rate war, ISUTAMI adjusted its company strategies and cared much about her staff and the product quality in order to get through the difficulties and achieved some progresses among the competitors.

With great perseverance and untiring industry, ISUTAMI has formed it’s own production lines in some popular series, such as the mounted bearings, ball bearings, linear bearings and so on. They are widely accepted by the customers in the world which urge the company to make more progresses and develop new products in future.
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