Classification of Linear Bearings

Classification of Linear Bearings


1, by material points Housing: stainless steel, bearing steel, aluminum alloy (linear bearing with seat); Cage: resin, stainless steel, bearing steel; Surface treatment: chromium plating, nickel plating, surface anodizing (linear bearing outer fixing seat), etc. The linear bearings included in our company's catalog are the products with steel shell bearing and resin-lined cage without surface treatment. Linear bearing with seat is above ordinary linear bearing with aluminum alloy seat.

2, by shape Open mouth type, closed type; Straight column type, single liner type (normal type), double liner type (lengthening type); Flanged single liner type, flanged double liner type; Two side cutting flange type, middle cutting flange type, four side cutting flange type; Height square of belt fixed base (aluminum alloy, anodized surface), width square of belt fixed base and so on.

3. By series Linear bearings are divided into two series, namely the Asian series and the European series. Linear bearings Asia series are used in Asia, southeast Asian countries, Japan, Korea, China and so on. Linear bearings Europe series are mainly used in Europe, the United States, Germany, Italy and other regions. The structure of the two series is about the same except for different size and tolerance of aperture.
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