2020 Isutami Annual Party

2020 Isutami Annual Party

On January 11, 2020, all the members of ISUTAMI BEARING CHINA attended the company's annual party, which was held at Hengyuan Hotel in Ningbo. Before the activity, everyone took pictures and expressed their wishes for the New Year. At the beginning, the General Manager Mr. Johnason Ma gave a speech for the New Year. He hoped that everyone would make persistent efforts to achieve better results, and roughly expressed the company's new business development direction.

In the past year, the company set up the US Branch in Chicago, USA, which is an important opportunity to develop the US and Canadian markets. At the same time, the company also pays attention to emerging markets and strives to develop some potential customers.

The important part of the entire party is the talent show of team members, this is a good opportunity for everyone to show themselves. Finally, the whole party ended in a happy atmosphere.
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