Application Characteristics of Agricultural Bearings

Application Characteristics of Agricultural Bearings

Bearings play a major role in supporting and reducing friction in machinery. The accuracy and noise of bearings are directly related to the service life of machinery. As an indispensable part of agricultural machinery, bearings are used more and more widely. How to choose the best matching bearings according to product performance and service conditions is an important topic.

Application Characteristics of Agricultural Bearings: (1) As agricultural machinery works in the field, long-axis or long-span structures are often used, and deformation and large deflection often occur in the work. At the same time, in the production and installation of agricultural machinery, the installation location is not accurate enough, and the axis of the shaft and the seat hole is poor in neutrality. (2) Agricultural machinery is mainly used in open air, sandy soil, wet or water, which is corroded by material friction and environment. It is easy to cause bearing seal failure and reduce the service life of bearings.

Special Requirements for Agricultural Bearings: (1) In order to adapt to the characteristics of large deformation and large deflection in agricultural machinery work, bearings with self-aligning function should be selected in order to effectively guarantee service life. (2) Because of the harsh operating conditions of agricultural machinery, bearings should have good sealing performance.

Selection and Purchase of Agricultural Bearings: It is better to find a manufacturer with high management level and good quality to purchase high-quality products. Such manufacturer can not only provide reliable products, but also have good after-sales service, which can solve the problems in the use of equipment in a timely manner.
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