Applications Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Applications Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Industrial Application
Deep groove ball bearings, like many other kinds of bearing products, have a wide range of applications such as gearboxes, instruments, motors, pumps, household appliances, internal combustion engines, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and engineering machinery.

Deep groove ball bearings are also critical components in the workings of electrical appliances, from washing machines to photocopiers, especially in electrical motors. ISUTAMI bearings assure minimal noise and maximum life under tough operating conditions such as very high speeds and elevated temperatures. Specifically designed for electric motor applications, ISUTAMI bearings provide efficient and quiet operation.

For ball bearings used in air conditioning equipment, ISUTAMI bearings are low noise that addresses vibration damage caused by handling and transport when the bearings are stationary.

Home Appliances
In every family, home appliances are quite necessary. They play a very important part in peoples daily life. Meanwhile, the appliances used in the families have some specific requirements. For example, they require for good quality of the deep groove ball bearings. Besides, low noise, silent running, long life, high quality, energy saving, less friction and space saving are also very important aspects for the home appliances.

To meet all these different requirements, every part of the deep groove ball bearings should be well enough because home appliances are made up of these various parts. ISUTAMI bearings take peoples requirements into consideration. In committing itself to excellence in products and performance, ISUTAMI puts at the service of appliance industry its expertise acquired through years of research and commitment in every industrial segment, from automotive to aerospace, from heavy industry to consumer goods.

ISUTAMI provides the highest levels of expertise, manufacturing quality and customer service. As in the area of home appliances, ISUTAMI bearings are used widely. Various products are used in different places. Here are some examples about applications of ISUTAMI bearings.

For instance, its single row deep groove ball bearing can be applied in air conditioners. Room air conditioners can be divided into two categories: window and portable air conditioners. They require silent running characteristics. ISUTAMI can offer deep groove ball bearings with high running accuracy and special bore tolerances if required by the design.

Addition to that, deep groove ball bearings products can also be used in the floor polisher. For example, the rotor of the universal motor is supported by two single row deep groove ball bearings. In order to protect from the dust or other particles, bearings need to be fitted with contacting rubber seals. At the same time, the appropriate grease should be applied in the bearings to ensure good lubrication for the machines service life.

Now let us see another kind of home appliances, i.e. dishwashers. It is common that dishwashers are placed in the kitchen. There are some technical requirements for bearings such as the low noise and vibration, long service life and the high washing efficiency. As for the draining pumps, ISUTAMI can also provide appropriate products. Bushings which are with low friction and self-lubricating capabilities are applied in draining pumps. Besides, ISUTAMI has designed a unit that improves the friction, reduces the free play of the basket and costs effective.

According to the above analysis, Deep groove ball bearings products that have high quality are quite useful in the home appliances. The appropriate products can provide better services for the machines. As a result, the working life of those machines can become longer.

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