Ball transfer units use common sense

Ball transfer units use common sense

Universal ball bearings (Ball transfer units)vary in size, model, and tire surface. What should I consider when purchasing? Let's take a look at it.

Universal ball bearings, universal ball bearing housing common sense:

1. Performance of the universal wheel

Classification: According to the variety: ordinary universal wheel, spherical universal wheel and so on.

According to the material: polyurethane universal wheel, gray plastic universal wheel, nylon universal wheel, metal universal wheel and so on.

Uses: Suitable for installation, tables, chairs, bed cabinets, sofas and other furniture and various industrial products such as trolleys, medical equipment, instruments, meters, etc., flexible, safe and reliable. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, impact resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, no wheel printing, floor protection and quiet noise.

2. Types of industrial caster accessories

Industrial casters have a wide variety of wheels, ranging in size, model, and tire surface. The accessories of industrial casters mainly include the following aspects:

Anti-wrap cover: to avoid the gap between the axle and the bracket and the wheel with other materials, so that the wheel can rotate freely.

Sealing ring: Avoid the steering bearing or single-wheel bearing dust, maintain its lubricity and facilitate rotation.

Steering lock: The movable caster can be locked into a fixed caster by locking the spring pin to the steering bearing (four or two locks).

Single wheel brake: A brake device that is mounted on the wheel bushing or tire surface and operated by hand or foot.

Full brake: A brake device that can lock the steering and fix the wheel. Support frame: A device that is mounted underneath a vehicle to hold it in place.

Others: including steering arms, levers, rubber crash pads, lock washers, and other parts for specific applications.

3. Characteristics of the universal wheel

The universal wheel is a so-called movable caster whose structure allows for a horizontal 360 degree rotation. Casters are a collective term that includes both active and fixed casters. The fixed casters have no rotating structure and cannot be rotated horizontally and only vertically. The casters are generally used together. For example, the structure of the trolley is the front two fixed wheels, and the rear side is close to the push armrests are two movable universal wheels. The universal wheel has a wide load range, wear resistance, impact resistance, high/low temperature resistance, heavy load, electrical conductivity and anti-static.
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