Characteristics of the pillow block bearings

Characteristics of the pillow block bearings

The pillow block bearing is composed of insert bearing and bearing housing. It is not necessary to design the bearing box separately when it is used. It has small size and simple structure. It can be directly installed on the design part of the mainframe with bolts, which is convenient to use.

1.Simple and practical

The bearing housing has a monolithic structure, large bearing capacity and good rigidity. The bearing and the bearing seat can be interchanged, that is, the same bearing seat can be installed with different types of bearings; likewise, the same type of bearing can be selected for various types of bearing housings.

2. Automatically adjustable

Insert bearing can work under different shafts of the two bearing housings, and the maximum automatic adjustment angle can reach 2°.

3. Attachment auxiliary

The inner diameter of the Insert bearing is “+” tolerance, which forms a clearance fit with the shaft. The top wire, eccentric sleeve or adapter sleeve on the inner ring fixes the bearing on the shaft, which reduces the precision requirement for the shaft. It is very convenient to install or replace bearings.

4. Less working environment requirements

Insert bearing is generally pre-filled with grease. It is double-layer or three-lip seal. It is suitable for use in dust, muddy water and corrosive media. It is good for the main machine.

6. Precision Feature 

Insert bearings with seat have good rotation accuracy.
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