Choices of Agricultural Bearings

Choices of Agricultural Bearings

Most of the northern areas of our country are mainly farming, and the large area of loess black land without the auxiliary operation of farming machinery is really not small for farmers.
This paper will introduce the choices of various types of agricultural bearings.

The choice of agricultural bearings has two main aspects: 1. Select the type of bearing. Consideration should be given to load size, direction, impact, speed, alignment requirements, allowable space and other factors.   2. Select the bearing accuracy. The mechanical type and accuracy requirements should be considered roughly. There are many types of agricultural machinery. Generally speaking, the working condition is bad, especially in the field, so the selection of bearing type is very important, which directly affects the reliability index of the working machinery.

Precision does not need to be as demanding as precision machinery, which is determined by the operational nature of agricultural machinery.

Agricultural bearings mainly bear radial load inside, but also can bear a certain amount of axial load. It is suitable for high-speed rotation and low noise and low vibration occasions. The sealed bearing with steel plate dust cover or rubber seal ring is pre-filled with proper amount of grease, and the outer ring with stop ring or flange is easy to locate axially, and easy to install in the shell. It is suitable for agricultural machinery.
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