Deep Groove Ball Bearings: Structure, Types And Features

Deep Groove Ball Bearings: Structure, Types And Features

Deep groove ball bearing is one of the most widely used bearings in almost all industry machines and components, so it is the most common bearing type. Deep groove ball bearings are also most needed components both in the automobile industry and the bicycle manufacturing industry as of the present. This truth has been the absolute since the first making of these tools used for transportation. They are mainly designated in order to separate the constantly moving parts of a bearing for the wheels of the automobile or bicycle to move and turn. Any moving parts of machines need bearings to reduce friction. One of the most sought after type of bearings in this modern day and time are the chrome steel ball bearings, stainless steel ball bearings and miniature ball bearings. Ceramic ball bearings or ball bearings made of ceramic materials become popular nowadays, because they are both light and durable compared to the classical metal or steel bearings. ISUTAMI supplies a wide range of deep groove ball bearings suitable to different usage. All ISUTAMI bearings are certified with ISO9001:2000.

Their structure is quite simple, usually consisting of an outer ring, an inner ring, steel balls and cages, thus they are very easy to use and install. Because of its simple structure, deep groove ball bearings gain the largest production and the widest range of applications. They are mainly used to bear radial load, at the same time, they can also bear some axial load. When the radial internal clearance of bearing is enlarged, deep groove ball bearings will have features of angular contact ball bearings and they can bear even larger axial load. Compared to other kinds of bearings which have the same size with them, deep groove ball bearings have relatively smaller friction coefficient and higher rotation speed. Besides, they can replace thrust ball bearings to support axial loads under very high rotation speed.

Basic types: Their basic types are open, with double-sided or double-ring ceremony with dust cover, in production, with sealed bearings in the outer ring can be mounted on the open ring of the dust cover or trench. Standard cage types: Pressed cages are generally used in deep groove ball bearings. However, machined cages are used for large bearings and high-speed bearings.

Firstly, it can be mainly used to bear radial load, but also bear certain axial load, when the bearing radial clearance time increased with the performance of angular contact ball bearings can bear large axial load. Secondly, it has a simple structure and it is very easy to maintain. Thirdly, it has solid durability, versatility and low noise operation. Finally, it can operate at high speed and easy to install.
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