Easy Installation of Conveyor

Easy Installation of Conveyor

Mounted on the Clean Side of the Conveyor

The SURE ALIGN TRACKER has a multi pivot design which uses a mechanical advantage to shift the guide roller and move the steering roller with minimum force to its correct position. Because the guide rollers are set approx. ¼ ` from the belt edge they can since smaller movements of the belt and make correction after very slight misalignments.

Rather than waiting for a powerful mistracking force, the multi pivot design adjusts constantly reacting to small mistracking forces, providing continuous precise corrections of the steering roller.

With the installation on the inside (clean side) of the conveyor belt, the rubber lagged steering roller maintains proper tension and positive contact between the roller and the conveyor belt. No fugitive material will cause seizure or failure to the steering roller. The range of motion and seizure of the pivoting bearings is not effected do to the installation. Unlike most training rollers on the market, the Sure Align Tracker is one of the few who will guarantee the steering roller will always be in the proper position to steer the belt back to its centered position. The Sure Align Tracker is a patent proven training roller. With its unique design, this training roller will continually correct belt misalignment and provide a reliable conveyor belt system.

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