How to maintain the outer spherical bearing

How to maintain the outer spherical bearing

In general, a outer spherical bearing with will heat up after it starts running, and after a period of time, it is at a lower temperature (usually 10 to 40 °C higher than room temperature). The normal time varies depending on the bearing size, form, rotation speed, lubrication method, and the heat release conditions around the bearing. This takes approximately 20 minutes to several hours.

When the temperature of the outer spherical bearing does not reach the normal state and abnormal temperature rise occurs, the following reasons may be considered. In addition, the machine should be stopped as soon as possible and necessary countermeasures should be taken.

The bearing temperature is essential for maintaining the proper life of the outer spherical bearing and preventing the deterioration of the lubricating oil. It is recommended to use it as much as possible under non-high temperature conditions (generally 100 °C or less).

1. When the bearing is running, it is necessary to fully guarantee the lubrication, and regularly add lubricating oil according to the actual use condition, and it is not allowed to cut the oil for a long time. Therefore, for the user company, it is better to choose a better and more suitable lubricant. The new special oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, extend the oil change interval, prolong the service life of the spherical bearing with the seat, and also have better anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance.
2. Bearings with reinforced nylon material cages should be used at temperatures below 120 °C.
3. Care should be taken when cleaning and cleaning to prevent damage and scratching the surface of the roller. It is better to remove the residue of the spherical bearing parts as much as possible, and it is better to rinse and suck the inside of the ingot to clean the residual oil. Care should be taken to avoid the use of the dumping type to cause the accumulation of cleaning waste to remain in the bearing parts, resulting in problems such as noise and wear failure of the outer spherical bearing.
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