Importance of imported spindle bearings

Importance of imported spindle bearings

The high-precision products in the imported bearing series mainly include angular contact screw bearings and angular contact spindle bearings. The sales volume of these two types of bearings is the highest among high-precision products. These two types of products are used in the high-precision machine tool spindles, with stable performance, high speed and high precision, and are also favored by the Chinese machine tool industry.

When purchasing imported high-precision lead screws and spindle bearings, the first thing to pay attention to is the accuracy of the bearings, such as NSK bearings. In general, the most accurate use is P5 and P4. Special equipment will involve P2 precision products, but P2 precision bearings need to be ordered by the manufacturer. The ranks of the grades from high to low are P2, P4, and P5. This is what buyers should pay attention to, not the greater the number, the higher the accuracy. The main shaft of the metal cutting machine with high precision and high rigidity requires many double-row short cylindrical roller bearings, followed by tapered roller bearings. These three types of bearings are the most demanding grades. 

NSK screw bearings are most commonly used in TAC series bearings, such as imported bearings. Although there is no grade requirement for such bearings, the bearing accuracy is up to the P4 international standard. Because the lead screw is a high-precision accessory, the low-grade imported bearing cannot meet its use. This is what the buyer needs to know. Ask the supplier about the bearing accuracy. The main bearings are mainly SULP4/P5, DULP4/P5 and DBLP4/P5. The first two are free-pairing products. The latter one is a back-to-back matching product. Bearing matching requirements must be noted. Otherwise, bearing products are not applicable.
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