Installation and Disassembly of Pillow Block Bearings

Installation and Disassembly of Pillow Block Bearings

Installation and disassembly after buying pillow block bearings:
1. Installation of pillow block bearings: A. Place the bearing in the installation gap of the seat; B. After slightly rotating the bearing, insert the stick around the installation notch to move about 90 degrees. C. Remove the stick. Note: The stop pin should be placed in the installation gap of the seat to prevent the outer ring of the bearing from rotating in the seat.

2. Remove pillow block bearings: A. Insert the wooden rod into the bearing bore B. Move the bearing around the installation gap to about 90 degrees C. Remove the bearing from the mounting gap of the seat.

3. Installation after buying pillow block bearings: A. It adopts a bearing tightened by the top wire. The bearing is sleeved on the shaft, positioned and tightened by the top wire and the shaft. B. It uses a bearing fastened by an eccentric sleeve. The bearing sleeve is fixed on the shaft, adjusted and positioned, and the top wire and the shaft on the eccentric sleeve are tightened in the direction of rotation along the axis. C. The fastening sleeve is used to fasten the bearing. The bearing and the fastening sleeve are sleeved on the shaft, the position of the fastening sleeve is adjusted, the nut is tightened, and the locking pad claw is bent into the nut fastening groove to prevent loosening.

4. Notes A. When installing and disassembling pillow block bearings, don't knock and hammer directly. B. When tightening the top wire to tighten the bearing, the force should not be too large or too strong to avoid damaging the top wire or bearing inner ring deformation. C. No. 2 industrial lithium grease has been filled in the bearing. It should be avoided that different kinds of grease mixed with total deterioration affect the use of the bearing.
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