Linear bearing solutions for machine tool applications

Linear bearing solutions for machine tool applications

The machine tool occupies a very important position in the machinery industry. As one of the basic production equipment, the machine tool has good quality and high processing efficiency, which is directly related to the production technology level of other mechanical products. As one of the important parts of the machine tool, the linear bearing is directly related to the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, with the rapid development of various types of CNC machine tools, we must consider the various problems that arise in the use of linear bearings, and propose solutions.

1. Improper installation. During the assembly process, due to the application of force, installation tools, clearance adjustment, installation environment, etc., the linear bearing has various damage problems in the subsequent operation.

2. the use of the environment: as a linear bearing for machine tools, its working environment is definitely the use of machine tools. However, the speed of the work, the size of the load, and the cleaning around the bearings and accessories are all factors that must be considered.

3. Lubrication: In order to reduce the working temperature of the bearing, the lubricant of the bearing is the longest used lubricant. The lubrication method of the bearing mainly includes two methods: oil circulation lubrication and oil lubrication. In the lubrication of linear bearings, it should be noted that in the case of oil circulation lubrication, it is necessary to ensure that the oil volume of the spindle constant temperature tank is sufficient, and the oil and gas lubrication only needs to fill 10% of the bearing space capacity.

4. Sealing: The sealing of the spindle parts of the machine tool must be in place. The degree of sealing directly affects the operation of the linear bearing. This is because the sealing plays an important role in the dust entering the bearing and the leakage of the lubricating oil. The seals of the spindle components are available in both contact and non-contact versions. The aging and damage of the seals should be checked regularly.

In the future, several solutions are based on the summary of the usual use of linear bearings. Here, if you still have something you don't understand, please contact us.
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