Main application fields and application examples of linear motion units

Main application fields and application examples of linear motion units

Linear motion bearing unit, also known as linear motion module, linear module, linear module, Cartesian coordinate robot or linear sliding table, is one of the main ways to realize positioning, handling and transplanting in industrial automation. The characteristics of the structure make the linear motion unit an indispensable core component in the automation process. It is widely used in the industries of smart phone manufacturing, electronic product assembly, LCD liquid crystal panel equipment, semiconductor equipment, lithium battery manufacturing, optical glass manufacturing, etc. application.

The linear motion unit can realize single-axis linear motion and precise positioning. Multi-axis superposition and combination can easily realize complex motions such as point-to-point motion, moving trajectory and space curve. Especially in non-standard automation equipment and production lines, the use of modular linear motion units for multi-axis motion combinations is becoming a new trend in automation solutions due to the diversity and complexity of motion requirements.

With the advancement of technology and the development of transmission components, linear motion units are also moving toward miniaturization, light weight, and high load characteristics. At present, the common structural styles of linear motion units are ball screw type, belt transmission type, rack transmission type, and linear motor type. The linear motion unit usually consists of two parts: a linear guide element and a power drive element.
Linear guide elements include precision linear guides, linear bearings, guide rollers, etc., depending on the conditions of use and accuracy requirements. In the field of precision automation, precision linear guides are generally used to obtain relatively high-precision walking parallelism and straightness. Where there is no requirement for parallelism and straightness, linear bearings and guide rollers can also be used as the guiding mechanism. The power drive components are commonly used in the form of ball screws, synchronous toothed belts, rack and pinion, and linear motors.

Application of linear motion unit: truss robot, Cartesian coordinate robot, automatic loading and unloading device, workpiece grabbing device, handling robot, online detection system, automobile assembly line, automatic feeding mechanism for high-speed punching machine, etc.
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