Maintenance of the Temperature Generated by the Use of Pillow Block Bearings

Maintenance of the Temperature Generated by the Use of Pillow Block Bearings

Generally speaking, the installation and operation of pillow block bearings will increase for a period of time, and then at a lower temperature (usually 10-40 degrees higher than room temperature) in normal. To normal time, according to the bearing size, form, rotation speed, lubrication method, the heat release conditions around the bearing vary, at this time it takes roughly 20 minutes to several hours.

When the temperature of pillow block bearings does not reach normal and abnormal temperature rise occurs, the following reasons can be considered. In addition, shutdown and necessary countermeasures should be taken as soon as possible.

Bearing temperature is very important to maintain the proper life of pillow block bearings and prevent the deterioration of lubricating oil. It is suggested that it is best to control the use of bearings under non-high temperature (generally below 100 degrees).

1. Bearing lubrication should be fully guaranteed during operation, and lubricating oil should be added regularly according to actual use condition, so that oil can not be cut off for a long time. Therefore, for users, enterprises should choose better and more suitable lubricants. The new special oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, prolong the oil exchange period, prolong the service life of the spherical bearing with seat, and also have good rust and corrosion resistance.

2. Bearings with reinforced nylon cages shall be used at temperatures below 120 C. Oil boiling and cleaning are strictly prohibited.

3. When maintaining and cleaning, attention should be paid to methods to prevent damage and scratch of roller surface. In order to remove the residue of pillow block bearings as far as possible, it is better to wash and suck the residual oil inside the ingot foot. Attention should be paid to avoiding the use of dumping type to accumulate cleaning garbage in the bearing parts, resulting in noise and wear failure of pillow block bearings.

Safety of bearings is very important, so customers should choose professional companies to buy pillow block bearings when purchasing.
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