The Method of Minimizing the Noise of Tapered Roller Bearing

The Method of Minimizing the Noise of Tapered Roller Bearing

Bearing is essential for mechanical operation. It is imperative to buy tapered roller bearings. But bearing is one of the sources of mechanical noise. After buying tapered roller bearings, how can we minimize their noise in practice?

Discussing the mechanism of bearing noise and studying the comprehensive control in the production process are the key to improve bearing quality and realize technological innovation. Compared with other types of products, the structure, performance and noise generation mechanism of tapered roller bearings are very special.
The bearing will inevitably produce vibration during its operation. Therefore, the key to solve the bearing noise problem is to solve the bearing vibration.

Firstly, the dimension accuracy, shape and position accuracy and surface quality of bearing parts should meet the technical requirements of the corresponding accuracy level, find out the main noise sources, and focus on solving them in the process of processing.

When the bearing rotates, the cage is in a free floating state. In order to reduce the series momentum of cage, the length of window hole should be produced according to the deviation size. At the same time, in order to reduce the friction sound between cage and roller, it is necessary to carry out surface crosslinking and phosphating treatment. In addition, when contracting the cage, the bearing should be tightened as far as possible without affecting the rotational flexibility of the bearing.
In the process of processing, inspection, assembly, storage and transportation, bearing parts and finished products should strictly abide by the operating rules, in order to avoid adverse consequences such as bumping, deformation, rust and so on. At the same time, the finished products after assembly must be fully cleaned; dust and adhesives should be thoroughly removed to ensure cleanliness.

When buying tapered roller bearings, it is necessary to choose a regular manufacturer, so that the purchase of standard components will also reduce the noise of bearings.
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