The working principle of the conveyor bearing

The working principle of the conveyor bearing

The variable speed drive bearing integrates the support function of the ordinary rolling bearing and realizes the function of the variable speed transmission. Its working principle is:
When the outer ring of the special-shaped bearing is fixed (that is, the inner ring gear is fixed), the double eccentric bush 1 is rotated, and the standard bearing causes the push rod to reciprocally roll in the radial guide groove of the middle ring to accommodate the roller at the end of the push rod. Due to the reciprocating sliding of the push rod, a rolling motion is made in contact with the curved surface of the tooth ring of the inner ring gear. At the same time, it is constrained by the contact surface of the ring gear, so that the push rod reciprocates in the guide groove and drives the transmission ring (ie, the middle ring) to perform the deceleration and rotation, that is, the deceleration motion of the fixed transmission ratio is realized. If the number of teeth of the ring gear is z, the transmission ratio i=z is ten. The through hole in the drive ring (middle ring) is a device for mounting the output power. There are currently six ways to install variable speed bearings, resulting in six different gear ratios.
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