Professional Manufacturers for Round Plate Rubber Support

Professional Manufacturers for Round Plate Rubber Support

Whether the rubber bearing is in the city bridge is still a highway bridge, the box girder inheritance is a common construction method. For machining, horizontal displacement and vertical bearing capacity for rolling, box girder inheritance is currently the most commonly used rubber cartridge bearing. Tub bearing assembly and replacement is an important link in bridge construction and protection of rubber bearing, the working principle of rubber bearing is the use of pelvic closed rigidity rubber piece, under the condition of three stress without fluid compressibility characteristics of rubber bearing capacity, the upper structure of the bridge to the pile counterforce and firm, realize bridge edge rolling, rely on tetrafluoroethylene plate and stainless steel plate, the slip between the custom rubber bearing upper structure of the bridge due to temperature changes, such as horizontal displacement factors, shorten the concrete creep. Rubber bearings, and the bearing capacity of the large response force, horizontal displacement and vertical rolling requirements must ensure the safety of bridge use.

Rubber support device

(1) see bearing device in elevation, flatness, levelness, bearing device / 100 word positioning line is qualified; The thickness of cushion and the proportion of mortar cushion are retained, and the operation fails to meet the construction requirements; Pad strength, bearing type is satisfactory for the program requirements, supporting certificates, and retest reports are useful and complete.

(2) rubber bearing is placed on the method. For the installation of stone cushion, it shall be leveled with dry hard epoxy mortar. The first foil rubber bearing is 1-2mm, slightly higher than the size of the base pulp foil. The bearing reserved by the seismic bolt hole shall be avoided. C. Once again, check the elevation, levelness, bearing, bottom bolt, depth and straightness of bearing device, and the strength grade of epoxy mortar.

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