Type of Linear Bearing

Type of Linear Bearing

According to the specifications:

1. Sub-standard specification (the metric dimension is the standard, and the outer diameter tolerance of the straight shaft is generally h7, which is commonly used in Asian countries)

2: European standard specification (the British system size is the standard, and there are metric sizes, the linear shaft metric outer diameter tolerance is generally g6, commonly used in European countries)

By shape:

1: straight cylinder type (the shape is like a cylinder, which is generally installed with a clamping spring, for the occasion of small installation size)

2: flange type (with mounting flange at the end or in the middle, which can be installed with screws; generally, there are three types of flanges: round, square and cut edge)

3: open-mouth type (in the shape of a straight cylinder, with axial slitting on the outside, for occasions requiring clearance adjustment, divided into two types: large opening and small opening)

By performance:

1: generic (use for general performance requirements)

2: super type (for long life and high load performance)
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