ISUTAMI Environmental Protection

ISUTAMI Environmental Protection

One of our main strategies is getting our employees and partners to pay more attention to environmentalissues,so that they can effectively fulfill their corporate social responsibility. ISUTAMI works with her strategic partners and customers on green projects to protect our environment both locally and internationally; We provide solutions to help create environmentally sustainable business practices and community lifestyles around the world.

Please join us in the endeavor to achieve a sustainable future!

  • Energy Saving; 
  • 28 ℃ room temperature control;
  • Save water, electricity;
  • Save packing material; Save packing material. 

  • Classify the waste of paper, newspaper, and magazine;
  • Classify the rods, boxes, and blocks;
  • Collect waste batteries;
  • Use recycled paper whenever possible. 

  • Require all employees to participate in environmental activities at least once a year;
  • Declare ISUTAMI EP's responsibility and commitment to our customers and suppliers. 

Green Environment
  • Plant trees every year;
  • Increase green area. 

Reducing Pollution
  • Use toxic-free ink;
  • Minimize pollutants during production.

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