Basic Knowledge of Pillow Block Spherical Bearing

Basic Knowledge of Pillow Block Spherical Bearing

Pillow block spherical bearing is developed and produced by the 1940 s, due to this kind of bearing is convenient to use, install, maintenance costs low, the economic benefit is remarkable, is widely applied in all kinds of machinery, by a lot of industry enterprises and scientific and technological personnel, and insert the spherical bearing outstanding performance has good development prospect, has the world's famous bearing manufacturer involved in production, development and insert the spherical bearing. By the 1970s, pillow block spherical bearing has been used in agricultural machinery, textile, printing and dyeing, plastics, food, construction, mining, chemical, coal, metallurgy, construction machinery and other fields in batch.

In the same period, the inner ring of pillow block spherical bearing and the way of fastening the shaft are gradually shaped into three categories:

1.Bearing with top wire

2.Bearing with clamping sleeve

3.Bearing with eccentric sleeve

Bearing seat:

1.There are vertical, square, diamond, convex round, slide type, ring type and so on.
2.Stamping stand has vertical, round, triangle, diamond and other types.

Pillow block spherical bearing is a new structural bearing component which combines rolling bearing and bearing seat. The bearing is made of the outer diameter of the outer ring, which is mounted together with the bearing seat with spherical inner hole. Outer pillow block spherical bearing has certain centrality in design, which is easy to install. Double seal structure, can work in harsh environment, widely used in textile, agricultural machinery, transportation and construction machinery and other fields.
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