Basic Knowledge of POM, PP, PE, And Other Plastic Mounted Bearings

Basic Knowledge of POM, PP, PE, And Other Plastic Mounted Bearings

CSB-EPB series plastic sliding bearings

The general working face of plastic sliding bearing has self-lubricating function. Plastic sliding bearing is generally made of engineering plastics with better performance.

More professional manufacturers generally have engineering plastic self-lubrication modification technology, through fiber, special lubricants, glass beads and other engineering plastic self-lubrication enhancement modification to achieve a certain performance, and then modified plastic through injection processing into self-lubricating plastic mounted bearings.


1. The plastic mounted bearings is lubricated as a whole with long service life;
2, plastic mounted bearings will not occur in the use of rust phenomenon and corrosion resistance, and metal bearings easy to rust can not be used in chemical liquid;
3. plastic mounted bearings is lighter than metal, which is more suitable for the trend of modern lightweight design;
4. The manufacturing cost of plastic mounted bearings is lower than that of metal bearing; Plastic bearings are made by injection molding and suitable for mass production.
5, plastic mounted bearings in operation without any noise, with a certain vibration absorption function;
6, plastic sliding bearing suitable for high and low temperature work -200 ~ +250 degrees;

Plastic sliding bearing can not only be made into the shape of the bush, but also can be made into plastic linear sliding bearing, but the premise is made of materials must be improved by self-lubrication to improve its comprehensive wear resistance. For example, the common plastic mounted bearings plastic linear bearing in the market is made of engineering plastics modified by lubricants and reinforced fibers, with excellent wear resistance.

The main purpose

Due to plastic sliding bearing is metal sliding bearing has many advantages, the production of plastic bearing is growing, the use of plastic bearing situation is outspread, from fitness equipment to the office equipment and automobile industry, and so on all use plastic bearings, car without driving on the highway now use plastic bearings.
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