How To Install Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

How To Install Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

Deep groove ball bearings must be installed in a dry, clean environment conditions. Should be carefully examined before installation and shell with the surface of the shaft, protruding shoulder end, the surface of the trench and connection processing quality. All surfaces must be carefully cleaned with the connection and remove the burrs, casting a net addition to the raw surface must be sand.

Deep groove ball bearing installation should be preceded by gasoline or kerosene to clean and dry before use, and to ensure good lubrication, deep groove ball bearings are generally used for grease lubrication, oil lubrication can be applied. The use of grease lubrication should be used without impurities, oxidation, rust, and other superior performance extreme pressure grease. Grease filled bearings and bearing capacity of container volume of 30% -60%, not too much. Seal structure of the double row tapered roller bearings and water pump bearing grease has been populated, the user can directly use, can no longer be cleaned.

Deep groove ball bearings installed, must be put on the ferrule end face of the circumference equal pressure, pressed into the ring, not a direct hit with Lang bearing first-class tools to face, so as not to damage the bearings. Small amount of interference in the case, at room temperature with a sleeve to suppress deep groove ball bearing ring face, beating with a hammer sleeve, through the sleeve pressed into the ring evenly. If large quantities of installation, can be used hydraulic press. Pressure stocking, should ensure that the outer shell shoulder with the end face, the inner end face and the shaft shoulder pressed, does not allow gaps.

When the interference is large, can be heated oil bath or heating sensor deep groove ball bearing method to install the heating temperature range is 80 -100 ℃, the maximum cannot exceed 120 ℃. At the same time, the application of nuts or other appropriate fastening means deep groove ball bearings, to prevent the width direction of the bearing cooling contraction after leaving the ring gap between the shaft shoulders. Single row tapered roller bearings installed for final clearance should be adjusted. Clearance values should be based on the use of different conditions and the amount of interference with the size of specific determined. When necessary, should be tested to determine. Double row tapered roller bearings and water pump deep groove ball bearings have been adjusted at the factory clearance, installation, do not have to adjust.
Deep groove ball bearing rotation test should be carried out after installation, the first axis of rotation or for deep groove ball bearing box, without exception, then the dynamic no-load, low speed, then gradually increase as the functioning of the rotation speed and load, and to detect noise, vibration and temperature, abnormal, should stop and check operation. Normal operation test before delivery.

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