Ball Bearings 16000 Series
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Ball Bearings 16000 Series

Ball Bearings 16000 Series
The inner and outer ring raceway of the radial ball bearing shall be free of spalling and severe abrasion and present a bright circular groove;All ball bearings shall be round and free of spots, cracks and flaking;The cage is not loose, not broken, not worn through.When the inner ring is held with one hand and the outer ring is nudged with the other hand quickly, the rotation is required to be smooth. Only the slight sound of ball rolling on the roll path is heard, and no vibration is heard.When it stops, it should gradually slow down; after it stops, there is no regressive phenomenon; the normal centripetal ball bearing has a clearance of 0.005-0.010mm between the inner and outer rings and the rolling body. When the inner and outer rings are shaken along the radial direction, there should be no clearance.For used bearings, the inner ring can be shaken along the axial direction a few times with the hand. When the outer ring and the ball have a distinct sound, it indicates that the fit clearance exceeds 0.03mm and should not be used again.

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After using tapered roller bearings, check whether the rolling body and inner ring raceway are peeled, whether the cage is too loose, whether the front and rear edge of the inner ring is complete, and whether the outer ring raceway is cracked.After the inner ring and the roller assembly are loaded into the outer ring, the roller should fall into the middle of the raceway, and the forward amount shall not exceed 1.5mm.The outer ring of the aligning roller bearing and the short cylindrical roller bearing is separable.In the normal state, the inner and outer ring raceways and rollers should be free from crushing, pitting and deep wear marks.The retainer shall be undeformed and capable of gathering the roller to the inner ring;The fit gap between the inner and outer ring raceway and the roller should not exceed 0.06mm.When the thrust ball bearing is in normal condition, the two raceways shall be free from spalling injury and serious wear, and the ball bearings shall be free from breakage and pitting.The holder shall be free of deformation, free from contact with the two raceway washers, and shall hold the balls firmly together.


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