Ball Bearings 51100 Through 51309 Series
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Ball Bearings 51100 Through 51309 Series

Ball Bearings 51100 Through 51309 Series
Thrust ball bearing consists of one - way thrust ball bearing and two - way thrust ball bearing.Unidirectional thrust ball bearing can bear unidirectional axial load.Two - way thrust ball bearing can bear two - way axial load.The mounting surface of the seat ring is spherical bearing with centering performance, which can reduce the influence of mounting error.Thrust ball bearing can not bear radial load, limit speed is low.

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Ball Bearings 51100 Through 51309 Series Features

To allow for mounting errors, either one-way or bidirectional, you can choose either a spherical centering or a spherical seat ring.Adopt super clean steel which can extend bearing life up to 80%.Use a high degree of grease to extend life and improve bearing performance.High quality steel ball, quiet and smooth when rotating at high speed.Installation errors are allowed by using the loop in the selection.The thrust ball bearing is only suitable for the machine parts with low speed and axial load, such as crane hook, vertical pump, vertical centrifuge, jack, low speed reducer, etc.The shaft ring, seat ring and rolling body of the bearing are separated and can be separately assembled and disassembled.Thrust ball bearing assembly, one is the control of the press quality of the cage and steel ball, the other is the control of the nominal height after bearing assembly.In addition, because the shaft ring, seat ring can be separated, which brings a management problem.It is to prevent the imported bearing parts from being mixed.

Stamping retainers are assembled using a curved edge assembly mold.After pressing and pressing, the steel ball should rotate flexibly in the hole, but can not fall out of the hole, and check the channeling momentum of the steel ball in the hole.If the pressure of solid cage is too deep, the ball will have less channeling momentum, and the connection between the ridge of imprint lithography and the cage is too short, which leads to insufficient strength. Therefore, it is easy to be dropped, resulting in scrap of the cage.The inner diameter of small thrust ball bearing ring and shaft ring is little different, and there is no obvious difference between them.To prevent the occurrence of mixed sleeve phenomenon, that is, a set of bearings installed found that both are seat ring or shaft ring.This requires some measures.Generally, the inner diameter size is checked with the inner diameter gauge before sampling nominal height, and the seat ring is placed below and the shaft ring is placed above.If the inner diameter of the seat ring has obvious quenching, heating and oxidizing color or does not pass through grinding, it is not necessary to check the inner diameter, the difference between the shaft ring and the seat ring can be clearly seen, and it is not easy to mix.After the assembly of the thrust ball bearing, the nominal height shall be measured to confirm whether it is qualified.When measuring, use height block or standard parts to calibrate and measure the load. The bearing must be rotated dozens of times to reach the minimum height.


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