Ball Bearings 6400 Series
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Ball Bearings 6400 Series

Ball Bearings 6400 Series
The causes of rust in deep groove ball bearings are very complicated, which may be caused by poor anti-rust treatment of the bearings or corrosion caused by water.Bearing anti-rust treatment is very important, rust bearing mainly using oil layer of steel ball is separated from the internal and external raceway, using viscosity properties of oils and fats, attached to the surface of steel ball and raceway, separating the metal interface of ball and the inner and outer raceway, reduce wear on the surface of the metal, and protect the metal from the air and water corrosion, reduce the vibration and noise, make the rotation of the bearing can be smooth.

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High - speed bearing materials have special requirements.High-speed bearing damage, the surface will flake, and the further development of crack, flake serious inner ring will into pieces, can be used on the surface of high strength, high toughness internal surface hardened steel ring, high-speed bearing sometimes due to the high temperature itself, or work in high temperature environment, requires a higher hot hardness, to resist high speed, the speed effect caused by the deformation.Rolling bearing has the advantages of small friction, small axial size, convenient replacement and simple maintenance.

If the installation method of rolling bearings is not proper, it will greatly affect the service life of rolling bearings.Therefore, before installing rolling bearings, you must be familiar with the installation method of rolling bearings.Generally, the seal of rolling bearing can be divided into contact seal, non-contact seal and combined seal.Contact seal has felt-ring seal, and seal ring seal.Non-contact seal has axial curved seal, radial curved seal, oil groove seal, baffle seal, etc.The rolling bearing seals to prevent dust, water, and other debris from entering the bearing and to prevent lubricant loss.


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