Ball Bearings RMS Series
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Ball Bearings RMS Series

Ball Bearings RMS Series
Deep groove ball bearing RMS series transmission efficiency is high, heat less, can reduce the consumption of lubricants, lubrication maintenance is relatively easy.Some deep groove ball bearings can bear both radial and axial loads. The inner clearance of rolling bearings is very small.

ISUTAMI use high quality grease, and common bearings generally use grease of NLGI grade 2.NLGI1 grade of oil with low consistency is generally used in low temperature environment and oscillation.Large bearings, bearing with vertical shaft configuration, high temperature environment should be used NLGI3 grade grease.

Requirements For Bearing Use

During the use of bearings, special requirements such as working environment temperature, bearing seal, friction torque, vibration and noise are also very important to the bearings.Bearing clearance is an important factor of normal operation of rolling bearing, which is divided into axial clearance and radial clearance.By selecting proper clearance, the load can be reasonably distributed between the bearing rolling body.The axial and radial displacement of the shaft can be limited to ensure the rotation accuracy of the shaft.The bearing can work normally under the specified temperature;Reducing vibration and noise is beneficial to increase bearing life.When choosing bearings, proper bearing clearance must be selected.When choosing the clearance of deep groove ball bearing, the following aspects should be considered: 1. Working conditions of the bearing, such as load, temperature, speed, etc.; 2.2. Requirements on the performance of bearing, rotation accuracy, friction torque, vibration, noise, etc.;3. When the bearing is interference fit with shaft and casing hole, the bearing clearance is reduced;4. When the bearing is working, the temperature difference between the inner and outer ring causes the bearing clearance to decrease;5. The bearing clearance decreases or increases due to different expansion coefficients of shaft and casing materials.

According to experience, the optimum working clearance of ball bearing is close to zero.Roller bearings should be kept with a small working clearance.The bearing is allowed to have a certain amount of pretensioning force in the parts required to support good rigidity.In particular, the so-called working clearance refers to the clearance of the bearing under actual operating conditions.There is also a clearance known as the original clearance, which refers to the clearance before the bearing is mounted.The original clearance is greater than the mounting clearance.Our choice of clearance is to choose suitable working clearance.The clearance values specified in the standard are divided into three groups: basic group (C0), small clearance auxiliary group (C1 and C2) and large clearance auxiliary group (C3,C4 and C5).When choosing, the basic group should be chosen first under normal working conditions so that the bearing can get proper working clearance.When the basic group cannot meet the use requirements, auxiliary group play should be chosen.The large clearance auxiliary group is suitable for bearings, shafts and casing holes to adopt interference fit. The temperature difference between inner and outer rings of bearings is large. Deep groove ball bearings need to bear large axial load or need to improve centering performance.The small clearance auxiliary group is suitable for occasions requiring higher rotation accuracy, strict control of axial displacement of the housing hole, and reduction of vibration and noise.


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