Double Ball Bearings For Fan Bearings

Double Ball Bearings For Fan Bearings

Double ball bearing is a relatively high-grade bearing, using the form of rolling friction, the use of two ball bearing, bearing several small steel balls around the axis, when the fan page or axis rotation, the ball is followed by the rotation. Because they are spheres, there is less friction and no oil leakage. The advantage of double ball bearing is long life, about 50,000-100,000 hours; Good aging resistance, suitable for high speed fan. The disadvantages of double ball bearings are high manufacturing costs and maximum noise at the same speed level. Double ball bearings and hydraulic bearings of good sealing, especially double ball bearings. The double ball bearings are completely embedded in the fan and the rotating parts are not in direct contact with the outside world. In the sealed environment, the bearing's working environment is stable. Therefore, almost all large diameter fans of 5000 RPM use double ball bearings.

Two Bearing balls

As a relatively advanced bearing, the ball bearing technology generated by the principle of "rolling friction is less than sliding friction" can achieve smaller friction and service life much higher than that of oil seal bearing. This type of fan USES two ball bearings with several tiny steel balls coiled around the axis. When the fan page or the axis rotates once, the steel ball will rotate with it. Because they are all spheres, the friction is less.

Compared with oil-bearing, ball bearing changes the friction mode of bearing, which reduces the friction between bearing faces more effectively. Double ball bearing has better sealing property and no direct contact with the outside world, effectively improving the service life of fan bearing (about 40,000~55,000 hours). Double ball bearings are now widely valued by the industry, become the first choice of high-quality fans, running stability without its right, but the price is higher.

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