Bearing Installation Tips

Bearing Installation Tips

  • using copper bar and manual hammer installation
A simple way to install medium - sized bearings. When the bearing inner ring is tight and the outer ring is loose, the copper rod is pressed to the end face of the bearing inner ring, and the copper rod is directly struck by hammer. The bearing is then loaded onto the shaft through the force transfer.

  • use socket installation
Press the sleeve directly on the bearing end face, and strike the copper sleeve with a hammer. The sleeve shall be made of soft metal.If the bearing is installed on the shaft, the inner diameter of the sleeve should be slightly larger than the journal, and the outer diameter slightly smaller than the flange diameter of the bearing inner ring. If the bearing is installed inside the bore, the outer diameter of the sleeve should be slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the bearing.

  • press pressure into laws
Mounting pressure should be applied directly to the end face of the bearing ring with interference fit. Otherwise, it will cause compression injury on the working surface of the bearing, resulting in rapid damage of the bearing.
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