How To Maintain the Hanging Bearings Used On The Screw Conveyor

How To Maintain the Hanging Bearings Used On The Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor is the equipment that rely on the rotation of the screw vane, to promote material for mobile transmission. When the screw conveyor transportation through long, screw axis will collapse because of the material. When screw conveyor is too long, it will disconnect the longer screw axis, middle add suspension bearing in order to avoid excessive wear of screw conveyor screw axis collapse. In this way, the lifting bearing of the screw conveyor because of the installation position and other reasons become easy wear parts.  The service life of the hanging bearing of the screw conveyor represents the service life of the screw conveyor. After the bearing is damaged, the screw conveyor can hardly be used. The lifting bearing of the screw conveyor is made of wear-resisting alloy. When in use, lubricating oil needs to be often added to lubricate it to prevent excessive friction from causing greater wear on the lifting bearing and causing unnecessary losses. And the normal work of the lifting bearing, but also can ensure the coaxially of the screw conveyor, screw conveyor resistance and noise, etc., always keep in a good state, so that the screw conveyor's use effect is better, longer service life. NINGBO ISUTAMI BEARING CO.,LTD. As a conveyor bearings manufacturer, perennial sales of bearing delivery, welcome to order!
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