The conveyor bearings are widely used in transportation, wash down and food procession environments. Because of its special chemistry material, they are load ratings may differ from the other carbon steel bearings. Determined by its special application, the conveyor bearings have a low precision and high slewing rate to make full use of their utility. Otherwise, it is a kind of bearings which need to be protected from the chemicals environment due to the materials themselves.
  • Pressed Bearings
    Pressed Bearings
    The Pressed bearings are one of the widely used bearings which always be utilized in assembly line, plane conveyer systems and other logistic systems. They are composed of inner ring, outer ring, body and the holder. This bearings have a high performance at anti-friction, low consumption, high precision and so on. The rings of the bearings could advance the wheels to undergo much more abrasion resistance and uniform strength.
  • Ball transfer unit
    Ball transfer unit
    Ball transfer unit is also called Cardan ball,cardan ball bearing, cardan wheel, bovine eye cardan ball.Generally used for handling goods and packages, assembly lines, casters, mechanical load-bearing, sliding door systems, and mechanical work tables, where multi-directional moving objects need to be smooth, precise and labor-saving.
  • The suspension system bearing
    The suspension system bearing
    The suspension system bearing is mainly used in automatic production line, which can improve production efficiency, save labor cost, meet the flow production needs of industrial enterprises and realize large-scale production.
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