Advantages of plastic bearings

Advantages of plastic bearings

Nowadays, the level of industrial technology is developing very fast, and the range of use of plastic bearings is constantly expanding. For example, from fitness equipment to office equipment and the automotive industry, plastic bearings are used. Currently, cars driving on roads use plastic bearings. In fact, plastics can be divided into a variety of types. High-grade plastics not only improve the service life of the products, but also have various advantages that metal parts do not have. For example, POM and PA materials have good mechanical strength and wear resistance, and can be widely used. Used in industrial machinery and automotive products; various high-end car brands are beginning to use plastic wheels or plastic bearings.

Features of plastic bearings:

1. The plastic bearings are all lubricated materials and have a long service life;

2. The plastic wheel will not rust and resist corrosion during use, and the metal wheel will rust easily in the harsh working environment;

3. The manufacturing cost of plastic bearings is lower than that of metal; the plastic wheel is made by injection molding and is more suitable for mass production;

4, the quality of plastic bearings is lighter than metal, which is more suitable for the modern lightweight design trend, and can also reduce the loss of energy consumption during the transmission process;

5. The plastic bearing does not have any noise during operation and has a certain vibration absorption function;

6, plastic bearings are suitable for high and low temperature work -200 ~ +250 degrees, fully meet the working environment temperature;

7. The heat dissipation of plastic bearings is much better than that of metal bearings, which is extremely important in the working environment of the engine.
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