The Twelfth Five-Year Plan: China Will Prioritize Bearing And Gear Industries

The Twelfth Five-Year Plan: China Will Prioritize Bearing And Gear Industries

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic China (MIIT) officially released the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Basic Machinery Component Industry, Basic Manufacturing Industry, and Basic Material Industry (abbreviated as "the Plan" below) on November 25th, 2011.

The Plan proposes to significantly enhance the innovation ability and manufacturing ability of basic machinery component industry, basic manufacturing industry, and basic material industry (referred as “the Three Basic Industries” below) through the nation’s joint efforts in the next five years. The proposal aims to improve the staggered development of these industries so that demands and requirements of heavy equipment development can be basically fulfilled.

In the Plan, bearing and gear industry are specifically listed among the key industries that call for priority attention. Under the policy support, the turnover of bearing industry and gear industry are expected to reach 222 billion Yuan and 294 billion Yuan respectively to the year of 2015, while the annual growth is expected to be 12% to 15%.

Clear goal for the coming 10 years

The Three Basic Industries are the foundation that the whole manufacturing industry relies on. Their development level determines the performance, quality and reliability of heavy equipment and main-body products.

In the recent years, China's equipment manufacturing industry has been improved impressively. Heavy equipment can basically meet the demand of national economic construction; however, high-end products of the Three Basic Industries can hardly keep pace with the development of the main-body products. Contradiction between the rapid development of high-end main-body products and the short supply of supporting products of the Three Basic Industries is highlighted day by day, and has become the bottleneck for the development of our nation's heavy and high-end equipment.

In view of these facts, the Plan requires that in the coming five years, the nations’ innovation ability of the Three Basic Industries should be significantly enhanced so as to fulfill the demand of heavy equipment development. Up to the year of 2020, reasonable industrial pattern should be formed to meet the demand of heavy and high-end equipment for basic machinery accessories, basic manufacturing technology, and basic materials; innovation ability and international competence in these industries reach international advanced level.

Benefited from the policy, China’s bearing industry is embracing rapid growth

The Plan clearly points out the key products of bearing industry: medium and high-end CNC bearings and shafts, wind turbine generator bearings, heavy conveyor bearings, heavy-duty helicopter bearings, long life-span and reliable wheel bearing and hub units, high-speed train bearings, heavy-duty truck bearing, new-styled Urban Mass Transit bearings, large cold-rolling equipment bearings, large construction machinery bearings, long life-span textile equipment bearings and super-precise medical instrument bearings.

Under the support of the policies, the Plan requires that annual growth of bearing industry and gear industry should reach 12% and 15% respectively in the next five years.

Focused on satisfying the demand for accessories of heavy equipment and high-end equipment, the Plan lists 11 kinds of basic machinery components, 6 basic manufacturing technologies and 2 kinds of basic materials as the key fields to develop. High-speed, precise and heavy-duty bearings lead the list.

ISUTAMI has engaged in bearing industry for 15 years. Thanks to the nation' s policy support and new-styled business mode, ISUTAMI will continue to provide first-class products and service to our global customers.
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