Cross-roller bearings bearings are widely used in the field of industrial robots

Cross-roller bearings bearings are widely used in the field of industrial robots

Cost-effective cross-roller bearings, cross-roller bearings for harmonic reducers and thin-walled cross-roller bearings for industrial robotic joint arms provide rolling bearing solutions for automation equipment and robot manufacturers worldwide. Features and advantages of crossed roller bearings:

1. High precision, excellent rotation precision, precision can reach P5, P4, P2 grade cross roller bearing internal structure adopts roller 90° mutually perpendicularly arranged, and spacers or spacers are arranged between the rollers. It can prevent the inclined rollers of the rollers from being inspected with each other, and effectively prevents the increase of the rotational torque. In addition, the contact phenomenon or the locking phenomenon of the roller does not occur; at the same time, since the inner and outer rings are divided structures, the gap can be adjusted, and even if it is pre-compressed by the family, high-precision rotary motion can be obtained.

2. The operation is simplified, easy to install and adjust. The rotation is smooth and the friction torque is stable.

The outer ring or inner ring that is divided into two parts is fixed together after the roller and the retainer are loaded, so the operation is very simple to install.

3. High rigidity, can withstand large axial and radial loads

Preload is applied at the factory, which can bear radial load, axial load and overturning moment load. Therefore, one bearing can replace multiple sets of combined bearings because the roller passes through the 90° V-groove rolling surface. The spacers are arranged perpendicular to each other. This design allows the crossed roller bearings to withstand loads in all directions, such as large radial loads, axial loads and moment loads.

4. Linear contact, the number of rollers is large, with a very high carrying capacity.

5. Miniaturized cross-sectional size design, small size and light weight, greatly saving installation space. The size of the inner and outer rings of the cross-roller bearing is minimized, especially the ultra-thin structure is a small size close to the limit and has high rigidity. Therefore, it is most suitable for a wide range of applications such as joint parts or rotating parts of industrial robots, rotary tables for machining centers, robot rotating parts, precision rotary tables, medical instruments, measuring instruments, and IC manufacturing equipment.

6. A variety of bearing types and size series to choose from, can provide customized design and production.

Cross-roller bearings are mainly used in the waist, the end of the industrial robot, and the parts of the elbow and wrist that need to be moved. Industrial robot bearings are mainly used in industrial robot bearings and are one of the key components of industrial robots. There are two main categories: one is a thin-walled bearing with equal section, and the other is a crossed cylindrical roller bearing. There are also harmonic reducer bearings, linear bearings, joint bearings, etc., but mainly the first two bearings.

The industrial robot bearings are basically thin-walled high-precision bearings. The accuracy of such bearings is above P5 level, and some bearing precisions are up to P2 level. They are ultra-high precision bearings, which are difficult to process and produce. Foreign imports, with the development of the robot industry, the robot bearing industry is also in a period of rapid development. In the bearing industry bases such as Luoyang, a number of professional precision thin-wall bearing manufacturers have emerged to fill the gap in the domestic market. Industrial robot bearings are not limited to use in the field of industrial robots. In the high-precision fields of precision measuring equipment, aerospace, astronomical research, medical equipment, etc., such bearings also have important development and application potential.
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