Damage of False Ball Bearing to Machinery

Damage of False Ball Bearing to Machinery

1) Due to the limitation of raw materials, the raw materials of the wholesale suppliers of ball bearing are insufficient to meet the required standard of bearing steel, so the hardness is not up to the standard. This will affect its service life and damage other parts of machinery and equipment. Especially for some high temperature bearings and high speed bearings, the hardness of bearings directly affects their service life and safety.

2) Due to the technical limitation of quenching by illegal manufacturers and the limitation of mechanical equipment for manufacturing bearing standard parts. The quenching temperature of cylinder bush of inferior bearing is not uniform, which affects the precision of bearing and causes motion deviation in the process of user's use. The cumulative motion deviation will lead to permanent damage to other parts associated with mechanical equipment.

3) The irreparable damage of mechanical parts caused by bearing damage can sometimes lead to mechanical scrap directly. In some cases, bearings can be installed but not used, can not be used freely and want to disassemble but can not be disassembled. It brings huge economic losses to users and delays the construction period.

4) It is very necessary to select a regular wholesale suppliers of ball bearing. A good wholesale suppliers of ball bearing will supply regular and suitable ball bearings to meet the standard, saving the maintenance cost of machinery and avoiding redundant maintenance work.

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