Factors Affecting Service Life of ATV Wheel Bearings

Factors Affecting Service Life of ATV Wheel Bearings

1. Installation and adjustment If the installation technology is not well mastered, the bearing's stress state will be affected, leading to its failure to be in normal condition in the operation process, especially whether the adjustment of bearing clearance is appropriate will affect the service life of the bearing, which is manifested by the excessive axial and radial loads of the bearing under the non-stationary state of large turning and sideslip, and if the clearance adjustment is not qualified, the bearing will appear. Serious early fatigue reduces the service life of bearings.

2. Sealing and grease If the cleanliness of grease in ATV wheel bearing is not enough, hard granular substances will gradually precipitate during the long-term bearing rotation process. In addition, if the seal of bearing is not strong, dust and sand from outside will continuously enter into the inner raceway of bearing, especially in bad road conditions.

3. Material of bearing itself The material quality of bearing itself directly affects the service life of bearing, and there are some quality defects such as voids between metal matrix when manufacturing bearing. As stress concentration, these defects become weak links in the overall quality of bearings.

4. Quality of bearing heat treatment After quenching and other heat treatment, the bearing may also appear quality defects such as heat treatment deformation, overheating, under-heating, quenching cracks, which will lead to poor hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance of the bearing, thus reducing the service life of the bearing.

5. Surface layer quality ATV wheel bearing mainly occurs in the surface layer, including inner ring, outer ring raceway surface and rolling body surface, so the quality of these surface layers is directly related to the service life of the whole bearing.
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