How to Install a Bearing Buddy

How to Install a Bearing Buddy

A Bearing Buddy is an automatic wheel-bearing greasing device designed to keep the wheel bearings on your trailer properly greased. This will increase the life of the bearings, especially on trailers that see a lot of use in water or extreme weather conditions. Bearing Buddy installs on the hub and allows you to add grease by simply installing a grease gun on a zerk fitting and filling the hubs. This works very well for boat trailers and can be used on any trailer to make wheel bearing maintenance easier.


1)Select the proper size of Bearing Buddy for your trailer hubs. If you are not sure what size you need, consult an associate at your local trailer supply store.

2)Remove the dust cover from the hub and fill the hub with grease. Use a flat screwdriver to pop the dust cover off.

3)Align the Bearing Buddy with the hub and place a piece of scrap wood against the face of it. Be sure the Bearing Buddy is square to the hub when you align it.

4)Strike the wood with a hammer and drive the Bearing Buddy onto the hub. If there is more than slight resistance, do not force it. If the Bearing Buddy is not the correct size, forcing it on may destroy it.

5)Attach a grease gun to the zerk fitting in the center of the Bearing Buddy and fill it with high-quality wheel bearing grease.
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