Installation Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Installation Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Preload Requirements
For the required precision deep groove ball bearing drive, such as deep groove ball bearing spindle, there are often preload requirements. These deep groove ball bearing preload are reasonable, in order to achieve the nominal accuracy. Deep groove ball bearing preload is generally factory-supplied parameters. The traditional rule of thumb is often the assembly workers install. You can use pre-measured amount of preload deformation method in some structure. Obtained after deformation, the structure design in a tightening gasket, the gasket is just pretension height difference before and after the change. In this way, tighten the nut to ensure death, preload volume remains unchanged.

Clearance Before Installation
If there are burrs, dirt and other foreign matter go into the deep groove ball bearing iron filings, deep groove ball bearings will generate noise and vibration when in operation, or even damage the raceway and rolling elements. Therefore, when install deep groove ball bearings, you must ensure that the mounting surface and installation of the environment clean.
Deep groove ball bearings should be cleaned before the installation. Coated with anti-rust oil, you must use gasoline or kerosene to clean carefully and then coated with clean, high-quality, high-speed or high-temperature grease before installation. Cleanliness of deep groove ball bearing will impact the service life and vibration noise is very large.

How To Choose The Grease
How to choose the grease lubrication of deep groove ball bearing that influences the operation and life importantly. Here to brief you the general principles to choose grease. Generally low-viscosity base oil for low temperature, high-speed; high viscosity for high temperature, high load. Thickener is also related to lubrication, grease thickener of water determines the water resistance. In principle, the grease cannot mix different brands, and even if the same kind of grease thickener, also because of the different additives adversely affect each other. Deep groove ball bearings and grease will cause too much room over oil mixing, resulting in extremely high temperatures.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing Installation
How to install and remove the hammer when installed directly face deep groove ball bearing and non-force side, should be briquetting, sleeve, or other deep groove ball bearing installation tool to make uniform force. If the mounting surface coated with oil, the bearing will be installed more smoothly. Deep groove ball bearings should be placed in mineral oil heated to 90 C 100 immediately after installation. Difficulty in dismantling, it is recommended that you use the removal tool to pull the inner ring, while carefully poured on the hot oil, deep groove ball bearing inner ring heat will expand, making it easier to fall off.

How To Choose The Appropriate Clearance Conditions
All of the deep groove ball bearings require minimum clearance work; you must choose the appropriate clearance conditions. Rolling deep groove ball bearing radial clearance group is divided into five groups -2, 0 group, 3 groups, 4, 5 groups, followed by small to large clearance value, where 0 is the standard clearance group. Basic radial clearance group for general operating conditions, temperature, and commonly used conventional interference fit; at high temperature, high-speed, low noise, low friction to work under special conditions such as deep groove ball bearing; of precision spindle, machine tool spindles with deep groove ball bearings, etc. should use a smaller radial clearance; for deep groove ball bearing roller can maintain a small amount of clearance work. In addition, separate type of deep groove ball bearings are indifferent clearance; Finally, deep groove ball bearing clearance work after installed, install the front than the original clearance is small, because the deep groove ball bearings to withstand a certain load rotation, there are deep groove ball bearing and load produced with the elastic deformation. Rolling deep groove ball bearing clearance and preload adjustment process is to improve the precision deep groove ball bearing swivel and carrying capacity, reduce vibration and noise transmission effective means. Assembly work should clarify the concept of deep groove ball bearing assembly clear the technical requirements, while also taking into account the deep groove ball bearing temperature control and good lubrication, the right way to use this process to ensure the ball rolling groove the quality of the bearing assembly.

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