Investigation report on the development of linear bearing industry in Lishui City

Investigation report on the development of linear bearing industry in Lishui City

Lishui City Economic and Information Commission

First, the development of the bearing industry

(1) Development of the national bearing industry.
Bearings are important basic components of all kinds of mechanical equipment. They are called "mechanical joints". Their accuracy, performance, longevity and reliability play a fundamental role in determining the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the main engine. In mechanical products, bearings are high-precision products, which are the core industry of the machinery industry and an important part of the national strong foundation project. The main function of the bearing is to support a rotating shaft or other moving body, to guide the rotational or moving motion and to withstand the load transmitted by the shaft or the parts on the shaft. Since the 1990s, with the continuous advancement of China's production technology, in the field of micro and small bearings, bearing companies have begun to compete fully with foreign companies. Up to now, China's bearing output has reached the first place in the world, and its product sales revenue ranks fourth in the world. At the same time, it is also a big country in the world of bearing production and has a broad market. It is estimated that by 2020, the sales of China's bearing industry will reach 600 billion yuan, and the average annual growth rate will remain at around 15%. However, due to restrictions on capital, technology, human resources, research and development, etc., the scale of enterprises is generally small, market competition is mainly reflected in the low-end products, and most of the high-end products are still imported.

(2) Development of bearing industry in Xinchang County.
Xinchang Bearing Production began in 1969. After more than 40 years of development, it has become an important bearing production base in China, a world-renowned bearing ring procurement base and an emerging bearing equipment manufacturing base. The county has more than 1,000 bearing and related manufacturing enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan, and a population of more than 40,000 people. It has built a quality center for small and medium-sized bearing products, and Wuzhou Xinchun and other leading enterprises. As an auxiliary open and shared service platform for the social testing resources of the bearing industry, 7 open bearing sharing laboratories have been established, providing 19,000 batches of external inspection and testing services, benefiting more than 860 small and medium-sized bearing enterprises. It has been awarded “Zhejiang Regional Famous Brand”, “Hometown of Bearings in China”, “National New Industrialization Industry Demonstration Base for Bearings and High-end Equipment”, National Famous Brand Creation Demonstration Zone for Small and Medium-sized Bearing Industry and National Quality Improvement Demonstration Zone for Bearing Products. In 2017, the Xinchang County Government also issued a number of opinions on the comprehensive promotion of the transformation of the bearing industry. In the past three years, the county finance allocated 30 million yuan of special funds each year to promote the structural reform of the supply side of the bearing industry and comprehensively promote the scale of the bearing industry. Grades, mainly in high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, advanced rail transit equipment, power equipment, biomedicine and high-performance medical equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, etc. Through three years of efforts, we will ensure that the output value of the bearing industry will be “doubled”, and strive to build Xinchang into a pioneering zone for revitalizing the real economy, a model area for upgrading traditional industries, and a “Made in China 2025” pilot zone. The province promoted the transformation of traditional industries and created the “Xinchang Experience” that can be used for reference, replicated and promoted. The development of Xinchang's bearing industry relies on the entrepreneurial spirit of self-reliance and hard work; relying on the business philosophy of leading technology and quality first; relying on the policy advantages of opening up and internal reform; relying on government-led, corporate entities Correct positioning.

(3) Development of urban linear bearing industry.
The linear bearing industry in Lishui City has experienced the development of the first joint bearing enterprise in the early 1980s. It has experienced nearly 40 years of development. Today, there are nearly 200 enterprises, including more than 10 large-scale enterprises. 2 billion yuan, the annual total output value of nearly 6 billion yuan, about 5,000 employees, covering all types of mechanical automation equipment mechanical transmission functional components and mechanical key components. There are three main categories of products: one is the joint bearing series, the linear bearing series and the roller needle roller bearing series which started in the 1980s. There are more than 60 manufacturers, and the domestic market share is nearly 30%. The second is the light developed in the early 2000s. The shaft and supporting aluminum sliders, brackets, rails (single rail, double shaft core), and promote the development of metal profiles, electroplating, plastic sealing ring, printing and packaging, logistics and other industries, improve the Lishui automation at the supply and sales The equipment industry is well-known in the market; the third is the ball screw and nut series successfully introduced and developed around 2010, the linear slider series and the matching linear track series. The products are mainly used in automation machines such as intelligent robots, rolling machinery, engineering machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, various types of robots and automobile industry. The market is spread all over the country and exported to foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It has formed an industry that has considerable popularity at home and abroad and has a certain proportion of investment in the industrial economy of our city. A number of enterprises with great development potential have emerged. Such as: Lishui Jiexiang Technology, Zhejiang Delia, Zhuoqiu Transmission and other enterprises, the production level of ball screw has reached the P5 level (second in the industry's highest P7), the output ranks in the forefront of the country, linear guides in recent years Technological research and development, production equipment improvement, manufacturing level can also reach the SP level (SP is super-precision, UP is super-super precision); this year, there are also tens of millions of improved rail production lines for companies such as Jingjiu Bearing and Wickent. Production of precision linear guide rails; Zhejiang Tianyu Steel in the development zone is the country's largest manufacturer of linear guide profiles, with an annual output of 10,000 tons. Judging from the 15 companies visited, sales in the first half of this year generally grew rapidly, mostly above 50%, and even a few companies even reached 120%. The industry development prospects are very promising.

Second, the advantages and potential of the development of linear bearing industry in urban areas
(1) The industrial agglomeration is high and the development foundation is good.
The urban linear bearing is mainly based on the local growth of the enterprise, and it has a vitality. From the emergence of the first bearing enterprise, to the special bearing, the optical axis complete set, the screw rod slider, and gradually transform to the automation equipment industry, covering automation. Almost all the basic parts, common parts and key parts of the whole machine, supporting industrial metal profiles, large pool plating, etc. are relatively perfect. Up to now, there are nearly 200 linear bearing processing enterprises, including 2 national high-tech enterprises (Jiexiang Technology, Delia) and 3 provincial science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises (fine long-term bearings, elite bearings, Ruixin bearings). It has 5 invention patents, 45 utility model patents and 17 appearance patents. After several years of development, some enterprises have reborn from new equipment, new equipment and new technology in the condition of simple equipment, low level, simple technology and backward technology. Many enterprises have certain scale and strength, and their production capacity is improving. The product technology content is improving, the market adaptability and anti-risk ability are increasing, which lays a good foundation for the sustainable development of the linear bearing industry in our city.

(2) In line with national policies, the development prospects are good.
Linear bearings are automatic functional components and belong to industries that are encouraged by the national, provincial and municipal governments to support development. The linear bearing of our city has the characteristics of local growth, agglomeration development, scale benefit and prospects. The state attaches great importance to the development of the bearing industry. "Made in China 2025" puts forward: "We should focus on improving reliability and precision retention, and develop key functional components such as high-end CNC systems, servo motors, bearings, gratings, and key application software to accelerate the realization of the industry. The top ten industries, such as high-end equipment that are mainly cultivated in the program, require bearing products. The provincial party committee and the provincial government also attach great importance to the development of the bearing industry. In the "Made in China 2025 Zhejiang Action Plan", it is pointed out that it is necessary to encourage the development of the bearing industry, and to support the cultivation of integrated resources; "Zhejiang High-end Equipment Manufacturing Development Plan (2014-2020)" The bearing industry will also be included as one of the key components of the province's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. "Lishui City Eco-Industrial Development "31576" Five-Year Action Plan Work Plan will also include the high-end equipment manufacturing industry of the bearing industry as the city's three billion-dollar industry cultivation.

(3) High-end products are in short supply and have a large development space.
The bearing industry is an eternal development industry. Anything that rotates, except the earth, requires bearings. In recent years, China's equipment manufacturing industry has continued to rank first in the world, and the integration capability of mainframes and major equipment has been significantly improved. Large-scale complete sets of equipment can basically meet the needs of national economic construction, but high-quality basic components, advanced basic manufacturing processes and The high-end "three-base" products of basic materials can't keep up with the requirements of the development of the mainframe. The contradiction between the rapid development of high-end mainframes and the shortage of supporting "three-based" products has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's major equipment and high-end equipment. The market prospect of high-end bearing products is very broad. Take the domestic market as an example. Imports from Taiwan's Shangyin and other companies account for about 50%. It is a mid-end product on the market. High-end products are mainly imported from Japan. At present, the output of linear bearing in our city is about It accounts for 20% of the country, most of which are low-end and medium-end. If the enterprises in our city can improve the quality of products and develop and produce products that substitute for imports, their output will increase exponentially. From the current market situation, the better the bearing quality, the tighter it is. For example, a bearing product produced by Sweden SKF (industry giant, standard setter), payment reservation, it takes one year to get the goods.

Third, Difficulties and challenges in the development of urban linear bearing industry
(1) Lack of testing methods and product quality needs to be improved.
The linear bearing industry in the urban area is dominated by small and micro enterprises. Due to the lack of product testing equipment, the quality of ex-factory products is controlled by experience, the products are uneven, and the phenomenon of sub-filling is serious, which restricts the high-quality development of the industry. Although some enterprises are also preparing to improve production equipment and improve product quality, due to the high investment in testing equipment, low utilization rate, and the constraints of funds and other factors, enterprises are very eager to enhance testing equipment and capabilities, but often can not make up their minds. 

(2) The shortage of technical personnel and the need for research and development need to be strengthened.
Constrained by factors such as geographical location, living facilities, working environment, salary and promotion channels, the linear bearing industry in the city is relatively less attractive to talents, and there is a shortage of CNC machining technicians, and the processing center operators are in short supply. The reserve is not sufficient. Insufficient investment in R&D of enterprises, most companies do not have their own brands, design and manufacturing basically stay at the level of imitation, low product development capability, lack of core technology, low technology content, and great substitutability. There is still no certified bearing enterprise technology center in the urban area, and the awareness of intellectual property protection is weak. New product development, filing and identification are seriously inadequate.

(3) The manufacturing process is lagging behind, and the industrial support needs to be improved.
Linear bearing manufacturing process and process equipment technology can not meet the needs of high-end linear bearing processing, the CNC machining rate is low, and the grinding automation level is low. Industrial support is not complete. In terms of heat treatment, Lishui has not been able to guarantee bearing life and reliability such as controlled atmosphere protection heating, double refinement, bainite quenching and other advanced processes and equipment; in the purchase and use of linear bearing steel, We can't guarantee the uniformity of steel quality, nor can we research and develop related technologies such as lubrication, cooling, cleaning and abrasive tools for different steel types, resulting in low process capability index, poor consistency, and large product processing size dispersion. , thus affecting the accuracy, performance, life and reliability of the bearing.
(4) Low-cost homogeneous competition, industry order needs to be standardized.
Some "three low" bearing enterprises with low R&D capability, low innovation level and low manufacturing level cannot compete in precision, life and reliability due to the limitations of manufacturing process and technology development. They can only rely on price for homogeneity. The vicious competition has seriously affected the development of the bearing industry. At the same time, these enterprises have shrunk in vicious competition, and their losses are serious. The risk of shutting down and closing down is increasing.

(5) The strength of the enterprise is weak, and industrial agglomeration needs to be improved.
Linear bearing enterprises are rooted in the local area, and most of the owners are not highly educated. Although they have accumulated over a long period of time, their overall strength is weak. There are not many enterprises above designated size, and only one enterprise with an output value exceeding 100 million yuan (Jie Xiang Technology). Most enterprises rely on rented factories to produce, it is difficult to carry out long-term planning, and the level of cooperation and cooperation between industries is low.
Fourth, to promote the urban linear bearing industry to become bigger and stronger countermeasures and suggestions
The urban linear bearing industry should focus on industrial agglomeration, high-end products, and enterprise scale, accelerate the construction of industrial agglomeration platforms, and strive to build a "China Linear Bearing Production Base" to promote the vertical extension and horizontal expansion of the industrial chain. Through quality improvement, capacity expansion, industrial upgrading and other efforts, by 2022, strive to achieve the output value of the urban linear bearing industry reached 15-20 billion yuan.

(1) Establish a testing center to improve product quality.
It is recommended to integrate the original resources and build the Lishui Bearing Industry Testing Center by 2020. Drawing on the experience of Longquan Auto Air Conditioning Industry Technology Innovation Service Platform, it is estimated that an investment of 20 million yuan can basically build a relatively complete testing center. After the completion of the testing center, the product quality testing efficiency can be further improved, the production cost of the enterprise can be reduced, and the product research and development efficiency can be improved, and the competitiveness of the industry can be improved. The platform construction can be entrusted by government investment to manage colleges and universities, or integrate the original resources of the city inspection and testing institute, increase investment, and improve the level of linear bearing testing services.

(2) Increase technical support and promote industrial upgrading.
The first is to establish a technical service platform for the linear bearing industry. The technical service intermediary company is responsible for platform operation and management, integrating resources of colleges and universities and research institutes within and outside the province, and establishing a technical expert service team for the linear bearing industry to solve technical problems in the production process and improve the level of technology research and development. The second is to guide enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation. Make full use of provincial-level intelligent transformation expert group, municipal-level “machine substitution” expert guidance group and other resources, actively explore and guide enterprises to carry out intelligent transformation pilot, improve production process, improve production efficiency and improve product quality. The third is to guide enterprises to carry out industry-university-research cooperation. Encourage the establishment of specialized research institutes for industry, university and research institutes, declare construction industry technology innovation platforms, tackle key technologies common to the industry, and provide industry information services. Relevant departments such as the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau list special items to support each year. Actively promote enterprises to establish enterprise technology centers, enterprise research and development centers, enterprise research institutes, carry out high-tech enterprise declaration, new product research and development, appraisal, equipment manufacturing first (set) development, etc., and continuously improve the level of enterprise technology research and development. The fourth is to guide enterprises to increase the intensity of talent cultivation. Entrusted Lishui College, Lishui Vocational and Technical College and other institutions to train, or set up specialized skills training courses, academic training courses, etc., to train a multi-level, high-quality talent team including management personnel, professional and technical personnel, skilled workers; The introduction of high-end talents in the way of setting up institutions and using enterprises to provide strong talent support and intellectual security for the rapid development of the linear bearing industry.

(3) Strengthen policy guidance and cultivate key enterprises.
The first is to formulate policies to guide development. It is necessary to organize the development of the linear bearing industry transformation and improvement action plan, introduce the support policy of the linear bearing industry, guide and encourage the linear bearing enterprises to become bigger and stronger, guide the transformation and upgrading of enterprise products, and gradually move toward high-end and high-quality bearings. The second is to promote mergers and acquisitions to cultivate key enterprises. In accordance with the standards for cultivating key enterprises, we will encourage key enterprises with strong competitiveness to expand and expand the scale of enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, and promote the development of enterprises in the direction of “specialization, precision, speciality and newness”, and gradually realize “cost priority” to “technology leadership”. (3) Strengthen policy guidance and cultivate key enterprises.
The first is to formulate policies to guide development. It is necessary to organize the development of the linear bearing industry transformation and improvement action plan, introduce the support policy of the linear bearing industry, guide and encourage the linear bearing enterprises to become bigger and stronger, guide the transformation and upgrading of enterprise products, and gradually move toward high-end and high-quality bearings. The second is to promote mergers and acquisitions to cultivate key enterprises. In accordance with the standards for cultivating key enterprises, we will encourage key enterprises with strong competitiveness to expand and expand the scale of enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, and promote the development of enterprises in the direction of “specialization, precision, speciality and newness”, and gradually realize “cost priority” to “technology leadership”. "Transformation, which will drive cluster enterprises to a new level.

(4) Introducing heat treatment enterprises and improving industrial support.
The quality of heat treatment of bearing parts directly affects the life and reliability of bearings. At present, there is no related heat treatment enterprise in Lishui City. The heat treatment of products needs to be sent to Xinchang, Taizhou, Wenzhou and other places, which has become a major constraint to the development of linear bearing industry. bottleneck. It is recommended that the project take the lead in the development zone, and the municipal economic and trade committee will solve the problem of energy use and complete the heat treatment project in 2019. It is necessary to focus on the introduction of high-end heat treatment production lines, improve heat treatment technology, improve product performance, and promote the linear bearing industry to become bigger and stronger. At the same time, we must do a good job in the industry supporting electroplating, plastic parts and other industrial upgrading work, and comprehensively improve the supporting capacity of the industrial chain.

(5) Accelerate the construction of the platform and force the industry to improve.
At present, most of the linear bearing manufacturers are renting factory production, which affects the company to expand production scale and improve production processes. It is necessary to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity through the implementation of “low scattered” rectification, and guide small and micro enterprises to change production methods and develop towards industrial agglomeration. It is recommended that the development zone integrate 400-500 mu of land, refer to the construction mode of Wanyang low-carbon town, plan the small-sized park of linear bearing enterprises, build standard workshops, guide the development of scattered and leased bearing enterprises in various places, and rationally allocate the industrial chain. Enterprises, such as centralized heat treatment, plastic parts, testing centers, etc. Change the status quo of disorderly competition in the low-end market, moderately improve the industry's entry barriers, and force the industrial small and micro enterprises to transform and upgrade.

(6) Play the role of the association and promote the progress of the industry.
On the one hand, we must strengthen industry management. Make full use of the resources of industry associations, and let them play a greater role in product pricing, enterprise recruitment and employment, technical research, investment promotion, and foreign exchange. It is necessary to actively carry out industry exchange activities that are conducive to enterprise development, especially in industry planning, industry self-discipline, information exchange, technical training, brand building, and service enterprises. On the other hand, we must strengthen self-discipline. It is necessary to urge industry enterprises to establish and implement a strict quality control management system, standardize corporate competition behavior, prevent vicious competition, and guide the healthy development of the industry.
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