Linear bearing installation steps

Linear bearing installation steps

Linear bearing is arguably one of the most widely used modern machine tool parts, is used in many industries of sliding parts. Although many manufacturers bought linear bearings, I don't know how to install.

Just look at some of the linear bearing installation steps below:

1. Before installing the linear bearing need to clean the linear bearing, usually bearing machinery installation the burrs, dirt and surface scars.Are coated with the usual linear bearing anti-rust oil, wash oil to wash before installation needed to use, but because after removal of rust-proof oil bearing is easy to rust, also need to daub lubricating oil viscosity lower shaft.
2. Put the linear bearing gently on the bed, with a fixed screw or other fixed tool mounting surface laminating line rail and the side edge, before installation should pay attention to check whether the screw holes.
4. from the middle to both sides in order to linear bearing positioning screw, orbit and vertical mounting surface laminating.
4. Using a wrench, in accordance with the material of different parts to each clamping torque, the linear bearing positioning slowly tighten the screws.
5. Use the same method to install rail, and install the individual slides to the main rail and vice on the rail.
6. Mounted on the mobile platform to slide gently, then lock the side force screw of the mobile platform.After installed on the side force screw linear bearing installation is complete.
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