Linear Bearings Application

Linear Bearings Application

Linear Bearings is designed to provide free motion in one dimension. It is widely used in mining, machinery, automotive, textile and chemical industries. ISUTAMI mainly supplies stainless steel linear bearings and linear bearings in SW model that can satisfy a wide range of applications.

Main Categories
There are many different types of linear bearings and it's generally broken down into two sub-categories: Rolling Element Slide and Plane Slide.
Rolling Element Linear Bearing: The rolling element types of linear bearings are designed with rolling elements to aid in sliding movement. The bearings are built into the slide construct which can be built from a variety of different materials such as stainless steel, hardened cold rolled steel and aluminum etc.
Plane Slide: The plane slides are usually designed to have mechanical movement parts which perform the action of moving the slide with a variety of movement technologies. The most common options are those of roller tables, dovetail slides and XY tables which are operated via a drive machine part.

1. Enable high precision linear motion on round shafts
2. Sustain heavy loads with low noise and high stiffness
3. Perform under almost any environmental conditions and load capacities to satisfy a wide range of applications

A stainless steel shafting is used for the raceways to prevent corrosion and damage from use as well as contact with materials which may get on the raceways.
Sealants are designed to protect the steal to ensure that contamination does not occur or can be cleaned or remedied quickly.
The rolling element bearings are necessary to allow a better motion of the linear bearings.

Linear bearings often require lubrication in order to reduce rolling resistance and to minimize sliding friction between rolling elements, raceways, and cage. Grease is convenient since it is viscous enough to not drip out of the bearing, but it does not flow well enough for it to be used as a continuous-flow coolant for high-speed robotic applications. Oil is used when a cooling fluid is needed for high speed bearings. Circulated oil also serves to clear away particulate debris. Oil mist lubrication systems are used for high speed, continuous operation applications. This system permits close control of the amount of lubricant reaching the bearings.
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